For years I had been limping along with my website. I wanted something easy to navigate, attractive, and a place I could share some of the interesting information I had acquired over decades in real estate. After multiple iterations of boring, I had given up on ever having a website I would want anyone else to see.

Then I met Craig Daniels. He is exceedingly knowledgeable, and not only did he see my vision, he helped direct my sights to even more than I thought possible. He is easy to work with, responsive, and has an innate sense of what will work. His ability to implement ideas with design is exciting to watch, and I couldn’t be more delighted to be working with him on multiple projects. I found a goldmine in him, and am now proud to tell people to check out my website. I can’t say enough great things about Craig. If you have an opportunity to work with him, GRAB IT. You will be immensely blessed.  

Mimi Foster, Colorado Springs, CO

Craig has been my go-to guy for my technology and web marketing needs. I am always happy to hear new compliments on my real estate website. Craig takes care of all that technology alphabet soup for me (HTML, DNS, FTP, etc) and helps me with my SEO making it easy for me to understand. Craig recommends new ways of doing business and provides many up-to-date ideas. He is indispensable to me now. I not only consider him a business consultant, but also a team member and friend. I consider myself truly lucky to have met Craig.

Kate Washington, Warwick, NY

Besides being a limitless fountain of information and a social media guru, Craig is the nicest, most unassuming, helpful and modest guy. He’s willing to share his knowledge and has a gift of making it all sound so simple. Furthermore he breaks everything down to workable parts that the technologically challenged (like me) have no problem understanding. And, just in case you do have trouble figuring some of it out, he’s more than ready to help you “get it” and master it.

Leah Stern, Suffern, NY

As a small business owner, you are already handling purchasing/ selling/ logistics/ human resources/ accounting. Now you are also supposed to be your own IT person? We are very lucky to have Craig as our never-tiring expert in everything IT. He has been indispensable for our small business. As we grew, our IT requirements grew, more computers, a network, a website. We could not have done it without Craig. We appreciate how he is also always thinking of means to improve the way we do things and how specific technologies can help us. His patience in explaining complicated technology in “layman” terms tremendously helps us to understand and enables us to solve problems ourselves. He improved our 10 year old and neglected website to a site we could finally be very proud of. Craig is a wonderful help for our business and one of the nicest people we know!

Marion Land, Staten Island, NY

I’ve been relying and looking forward to every new class that Craig takes the time to write. His classes have helped me understand and put into place features and enhancements that I never would have been able to do had I not taken his classes. I find myself continually amazed at how easily Craig puts things together. Not only is he great at giving excellent explanations and steps on various advanced features, but he has taken the time to include visual effects and screen shots to help you “see” how it’s done for yourself. If you’re like me, having a “visual” example to look at while learning always helps speed up the learning process. I can’t say it enough Craig. You are absolutely awesome!

Karen Pietsch, Cary, IL

Craig’s Classroom is the place to go and search answers for almost any real estate blogging technology issue. Craig loves sharing his knowledge and his passion for helping others. He likes to keep things practical and useful, resulting in a place where even non-techies feel comfortable! He talks in “layman” terms which is rare for IT people. Craig has achieved a very large audience and following in the ActiveRain community. Whenever my team has any technical question, we always head straight over to Craig’s blog!

Barbara Hensley, Dallas, TX

Craig is a virtual limitless fountain of information. Not only he is extremely helpful with social media and all that comes with it – If your blog needs tweaking, your website isn’t what it should be or you don’t know a thing about HTML, Craig is your guy. Subscribe to his blog and when looking for that needed help in your business. Remember, social media and our web presence in this day and age are crucial in most businesses. When you need help don’t be afraid to go out and get it. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do it alone and save a few precious dollars when spending that precious few can triple the rewards. I recommend him highly!

Debra Walsh, Middletown, NY

Craig was highly recommended to me by an associate when I needed to have a website developed . . . and how right she was! Craig did a fabulous job in setting up a site that was not only professional, but also informative and easy to use. I have received numerous compliments on it. Craig continued working with me to bring me up to speed on the latest technology. I must admit that I’m a little challenged in that area and I certainly appreciate how Craig patiently guided me through each new adventure. If anyone is looking for someone to get you to a higher level with websites, technology, social networking etc. – Craig is your man! He is my professional guardian angel.

Carol Buchanan, Warwick, NY