Building an Amazing Digital Footprint – Consultation Services

The internet has become a modern necessity for any business in operation these days. Craig has consulted for many years on leveraging all of the various facets available on the web. From websites and blogs, to social media and video, Craig is able to review and analyze how a business is currently doing with digital marketing. From there a road map and plan of action is drawn up and then usually via weekly or bi-weekly consultations, guidance is provided to execute the steps on the road map.

Tech Tutor

Technology can be frustrating when you are struggling to produce something when you know it can be done better or more efficiently. Via remote desktop sharing, Craig provides progressive one hour guided sessions helping people learn their apps and the required techniques needed.

Outsourced Tech Projects

Sometimes rather than do it yourself, you’d rather have assistance via outsourcing certain small projects. Craig often is asked to assist in creating custom graphics, or managing certain page updates like ActiveRain blog footers, or coordinating an overhaul to an About Me or Full Bio page.

Online Classes

Craig has produced online courses in the past. These are in the form of pre-recorded video modules that follow a course outline. The previously covered topics included subjects like “Graphics for Bloggers” and “Video Essentials for Business”. These courses are currently closed, but stay tuned on this topic as it is hoped that more productions like these will be coming in the future!

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