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Posted: September 10, 2014 by Craig Daniels

Thanks to all that took a few minutes to fill out the Craig’s Classroom Technology Survey 2014. At the time of writing, I gathered 75 responses which I feel was an excellent data set to feel good about the sampling of results.

I used Google Forms for the survey. One of the cool features (besides the extreme ease of creating a survey) is the results are presented in graphical format with pie and bar charts. Since I kept this survey inside AR, this sampling will hopefully capture a look at technology in the Real Estate industry at the moment. (PS the automatic charts cut the label text at so many characters – so  – no,  it wasn’t me that made a spelling mistake… :)

Also, a mathematical note: if any % tallies do not equal 100% then somebody skipped the particular question


As for the Operating System, the majority are using Windows at 80%. I knew Mac would have a good showing but would be the minority. This proved to be the case at 13%. Linux came in at 1% and other at 3% (LOL, I have no idea what other is) I’m a windows guy but I have respect for Mac and I’m trying to use it and learn it whenever possible to be better conversant in it. Most of my tutorials will be Windows based so I see that aligns with the majority.


As far as the version of Windows, I’m very glad to see there are no XP holdouts (unless for the 1 person that honestly answered “I have no idea!”). XP is no longer being udpated by Microsoft and I highly recommend it is time for you to update to a new computer if you are still using XP. I was interested to see the split in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows 7 is still is the majority at 48% I have been using Windows 8 for nearly as long as it has been out. It seems like every other version of Windows brings user ire. Windows Millenium (booed) was followed by Windows XP (good). Windows Vista (booed) was followed by Windows 7 ( good). Now we are currently at Windows 8 (booed) to be followed soon by Windows 9 (you can guess the pattern). It was interesting to see a pretty good amount, 31% who have taken on Windows 8. This is probably because of getting it already installed a the new computer that they bought.  Windows 7  is a good place to stay if you don’t need a new computer until Windows 9 is here. Once you get over a couple of shocking interface changes (can you say “Start Screen and no more Start button”), Windows 8 is not that bad. Once you understand it is easy to get to desktop mode and stay there, you are golden. Perhaps a few blog posts on Windows 8 might be a good thing!


As far as what kind of phone that you currently have… The results were my BIG SURPRISE. I thought for sure iPhone was still dominant. Not according to your answers! Android takes the lead now at 53% to Apple 40%. Wow! The last time I did this question a few years ago, it was by a significant margin the other way around. Android is playing for keeps. My last two phones have been Android and I love it. However, I get to use iPhones and iPads quite often and think they are also great. In my opinion, either choice is a good one, whether Apple or Android. I’m weighted to Android for a few important reasons and perhaps that is another story for another day. Speaking of iPhones how do you like the looks of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?


When it is time to upgrade, what will you choose? I was looking for signs of defectors here and pretty much the two camps are staying put. We transferred some from the “other” category (I’m reading between the lines as being BlackBerry most likely) into iPhone.  Poor Windows Phone is not getting any love. Not that I disagree with that decision. It has a very nice UI but in my eyes I would be very concerned about the number of apps that I want to use and not having them be available.


What kind of tablet do you use? The majority 83% DO have a tablet (only 17 % do not). The full sized iPad was the winner here at 44%. The smaller sized tablets iPad mini and Android 7″ split equally at 9% and 12% and the larger Android took a decent chunk of the pie also. I really like the smaller form factor for media consumption. However, I think the larger iPad may be the best choice for your business if you are using it for presentations.


Do you currently have a WordPress site? A strong showing of YES was 56%. As you know, WordPress and ActiveRain are great complements of each other. However, having a place you can call entirely your own is the way to go. I’m glad to see that is now the case for most.


Which social sites are you actively engaged in? Facebook for the majority was no surprise. LinkedIn is strong for business networking also.  Way to go for Google+ for 73% of you. Twitter at 68% was a little higher that I expected. YouTube I wanted to see high – It did good at 57% and Pinterest as I expected at 51%. Flickr is popular for those really into sharing their photography so it proved to be  a niche at 11%


What is your feeling on using video for your business? Video is important. That is clearly seen in your answers. In my mind, video is something that, if done well, is a under-leveraged differentiator.  It can help you stand out above the crowd.  The majority at 45% have used video in their marketing but really feel like the next level is something to reach out for. 35% haven’t done it yet but would like to. All of the above positive answers helps spurs me on to keep this topic hot for teaching as it is one of my favorites.

Top Apps

Here is the list of apps that you considered your top ones (I was looking for recommendations  besides the essentials like mail, photos, web browser, calendar, and camera) Here’s your list. I see a few names I’m not familiar with and will be exploring! There are plenty of ideas for future blog posts here, thanks!

Clock (reminders and timer)
CSS Centralized Showing Svc
Dot Loop
eKey open Supra lockboxes
Genius Scan
Google Goggles
Google Maps
Google Voice
Inkpad (notepad)
  (brand a photo and post)
KW Mobile App
Laptop Zipforms
Lawyers Title
MLS Touch
Mobile BRO
Mobile MLS
MRIS Mobile App
My Fitness Pal 
Open Home Pro
PDF expert 
  (sign contract at listing)
Re calc
RingCentral (eFax)
RVA Homes
Tides near Me
tmz :-)
Twit Pro
Verizon Messages 
  (Text Msg/Auto-Reply)
Weather Radar
X Finity Home


Oh Snap!

I forgot to ask what is your web browser of choice. Well it is important –
I would really like to know, please answer now.

Thanks for following along in my 2014 Technology Survey.

I found it interesting, I hope you did too!

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