Picasa Photo App – Text and Crop [Picasa Series #7]

Posted: September 17, 2010 by Craig Daniels

picasa logoThis is part 7 of the series where I’m teaching you how to use the Free Photo Organizing and Editing App called Picasa. If you need to catch up, check out my Picasa Series Listing and you will see the previous articles.  Today we’re going to be looking at Adding Text and Cropping Images.

Yesterday’s tutorial was on creating a collage of two photos so that you could use the graphic in a blog post. This will continue with a couple more things to finish off that task.

add text button in picasaFirst, let’s look at adding text into the image. Click the Text tool button to get started. Next, you will want to click on your image where you want your text (don’t worry it’s easy to move after you type it in to better place it). When you select your inserted text object, you will get an “edit wheel” similar to what you had when you were making a collage. It controls both the size and rotation by grabbing and dragging the orange handle.

In the left hand palette while in text mode, you have quite a few controls. First of all pick a font that you want to use. You also have control over the color of the fill and color of the outline. Text can also be transparent do whatever degree you want by sliding the bar. (this is nice for watermarking, semi-transparent text. Move the text by dragging on the object to get just the right placement. When you are done, click Apply.

adding text in picasa

crop button in picasaNext, click on the Crop tool

In yesterdays example, I created a collage and I set it up on “Letter” sized paper. Now after collage is ready (including text overlaid in the above notes), we’re getting ready to take the graphic to our blog. We need to crop it down to get rid of all the extra surrounding white space. The crop tool is very straightforward and easy to use. First select the shape of your crop. In our case, we want an unconstrained boundary so pick “Manual” for the shape. (if you were doing a recrop of a digital photo, you would choose 4:3 to keep the same shape as the original and consistent with the other photos in your shoot).

Simply drag a box where you want to crop to fall. You can adjust the edges afterward to fine tune. Picasa grays out the outer areas to give you a feel for how your final crop will look. Click Apply when you are done.

cropping an image in picasa

The next step to create your final graphic for your blog is to resize it. The original resolution of a collage is very high, so you will need a downsized version. You will need to use the “Export” command for this and you can see more about that if you go back to this blog post.

So to recap the past two tutorials. This is what we did:
Selected two photos and created a collage. We added text captions onto the collage. We cropped the image to just the right size. We exported to get the right sized pixel width that works within a blog post.

Now to all you blog readers, try it out. I’ll be watching your blogs. If you do this on an upcoming post and want to leave a comment here that you did it, it will help make sure I don’t miss it.

(PS – for all of you waiting to see how to do the red text and arrows, sorry this is not the app for that… you’ll have to wait for future tutorials for that, but I’ll get there)

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