Facebook App vs. Your Mobile Data Plan

Posted: September 20, 2014 by Craig Daniels

What mobile data plan do you have? 1GB or 2GB perhaps? So you hate it when you get your bill and there is that “overage charge” because you crossed the quota line even by a fraction.

Well here’s one culprit that you may want to put right into jail – the Facebook app. Have you noticed how many videos are in your newsfeed? Seems like more and more lately! And Facebook decides for us that auto-play is a better user experience. Well on a phone that is not on a Wi-Fi connection, all those frames of playback in a video equates to more mobile data download bytes. Facebook mobile app by default has auto-play videos set to ON. Ah-ha moment! Turn the setting to auto-play off (or only on Wi-Fi and you won’t get the added hit of data usage from this.


In order find this setting, follow the instructions on this facebook help page to get it set how you would rather have it!

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