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I’m glad you found your way to my Craig’s Classroom Tech Blog. Browse the categories of  posts up in the header, I’m sure I can keep you busy teaching you all kinds of new tech things for you to implement.

Craig’s Classroom, since 2010, has been a place to come and get help on all sorts of practical tech topics. Each blog post takes many hours to create. My video productions are a great way to watch and learn as I show and tell in the video format. Videos are a great resource because I can record them once and then you can play them back at any time of the day or night that best suits your schedule! Each video production is many days worth of work, and sometimes weeks depending on the preparation required.

2in2-0727-350Blogging is my moonlighting job to get a few extra bucks to help keep on top of the cost of living. I’ve tried paywall systems which are costly to run and take time to administer. I’ve tried ads which litter up the page and make very little in return. So here I am at the next generation of monetization - offering an easy way for my audience to show appreciation for a service that they really like! The fact that you are here reading this message now means that it is safe to assume that you’ve been a student in Craig’s Classroom.

So I wanted to invite you to consider becoming a patron.

I’ve tried to make it as uncomplicated as possible (follow the link below). It only takes two minutes to enter your name and card info and even just two dollars in the jar, when multiplied by many patrons, will be meaningful to me!


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is a Technology Manager residing in NYC who specializes in applied technologies in the fields of Architecture and Real Estate. Craig focuses on finding the best uses of tech as can be used to help a business be more successful. He is keen on always seeing the perspective and viewpoint of his audience and he tailors his teaching to be easily understood. He teaches by means of this blog and his pre-recorded video classes. It is very easy to become a patron of Craig's Classroom training and it means a lot! [Find out how you can become a Two in Two Patron...]