Technical Blogging

Craig is a frequent blogger explaining apps and other technical subjects. His blog posts are full of diagrams explaining the key points and main concepts that will help you make the most of your tools.


Your website is your resume on the web. It introduces you to the world. What kind of statement are you making with your website? Is it welcoming and full of useful information. Or is it another quick "bounce" metric on your site analytics? (a "bounce" is where a web visitor comes to your site but closes the page and does not click in further to see your content). Craig has many websites in his portfolio, some of which you can see below:





Blog Signatures

Craig is called on as a consultant for special projects such as setting up a blog and coaching on best blog practices. One of the recommended best practices on a blog is to close the article with a "signature block" that better introduces yourself to the reader who just discovered you. It also should give some selctive calls to action for them to follow you to the next step. Below are some examples of blog signatures that Craig has developed with those that he has helped with this type of project.