Video Essentials for Business

This class is now ready to start accepting students!

The first three modules are complete and ready for you to watch. The remaining seven modules are currently in production and will be released very soon in two more phases.

We are doing admissions in phases. The admission fee for each phase is $20.

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We live in a YouTube and media hungry generation. If you can utilize video in your business marketing model, you will have an advantage over your competition. Video at first seems intimidating but with a little help you are quickly over the hurdles and you are able to produce quality videos. This course will show you how!

Craig is joined by fellow instructor Debb Janes in this course. Debb is a real estate agent and experienced videographer in marketing her business.

We will be covering essentials required to take quality video footage and then how to produce a video using an editor app. We will cover editing both on a Windows PC as well as iMovie on the Mac.

We cover the basics, so if you have not had any video experience before, you will be able to get over your first hurdles and avoid all the common beginner mistakes!

Once we have liftoff, then we can take all levels of students to the next level. We will be talking about how to mix photo and video footage together with the right dynamics applied. We will show you how to do voiceovers and background music tracks. We not only will teach you titles and text, but will show you how to incorporate best practices in using these tools.

We will even touch on some more advanced techniques such as incorporating camera motion and how to do cutaway shots.

Your YouTube channel is your home for your videos on the web. This course will show you how to maximize the channel for the most effectiveness in setting it up for the best user experience. Each video is rich in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) potential. Most people get this wrong! After this course, you will not make that mistake. You will also learn the best ways to embed your videos into your blog posts. You also will learn effective techniques for syndicating your productions in social media channels (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter).

Throughout the course, you will have had specific feedback and guidance on your work from your coaches (instructors). At the completion of the course, you will have produced a functioning YouTube channel and will have published two quality video productions to the channel to get you started!

There are ten modules where you watch the training videos that your instructors have produced. You can watch these videos at any hour of the day or night! There is no start and end dates to the course. This is all at your pace. If you wish, you can even download the videos as podcast format to watch on your smartphone at times when you are mobile and in between appointments! (effective use of time management!)

Be sure and check out a special page that I have created Video Inspiration. Over there you will get many ideas and start to formulate the style and format that you would like to use for your own videos! When you are ready to start your own video production, sign up now using the button above!