Welcome to the page that I can help point you in the right direction based on the blog posts and tutorial videos that I have done to help you learn and apply technology! Below you will find my blog posts grouped into categories to better find what topics interest you. Be sure and checkout my premium virtual classroom page for actual online classes. In these classes you can watch my training videos so you can better master specific topics.

Blog Posts by Category

ActiveRain Blogging

ActiveRain is a blogging platform for those in the Real Estate industry. Come to this class to learn all about setting up and maximizing the effectiveness of your blog.


Besides the obvious go-to place for web searches, Google offers a myriad of other extremely useful tools, most of which are totally free. Come to this class to learn more.


Picasa is free photo organizing and editing tool from Google. The capacity of this app is quite amazing. Come to this class to learn more about it.

Graphics For Bloggers

Blogs without graphics will lose a reader's interest very quickly. There are quite a few techniques to learn to help you rise above the crowd. Don't worry, I'll make it easy for you!


People love videos. YouTube streams an unimaginable amount of video data daily. What can you do to include video in your business and how do you raise to higher standard?


Social media is about connecting with others and sharing information that we find value in. Are you using this tool for your business too?

Tech Tips/Power Users

There are many little facets of using our the technology around us smarter. The tech tips classes will help you with all sorts of small but useful snippets of guidance.

Craig's Week in Tech

(Newsletters) Technology moves fast. Keep up with some of the tech headlines each week as Craig aggregates some of the interesting topics of the week.

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