Premium Virtual Classroom

My blog posts help you with specific technology tips and techniques. My premium virtual classroom training videos are the best way to really dig into a topic and gain mastery over technology in ways that will really help your business! In each course, you will watch pre-recorded video modules where we break down these topics into smaller pieces that you can watch and learn and then apply for yourself! Because they are pre-recorded videos, there is no "start" and "end" dates to the class. It fits entirely into your schedule. Watch early morning, middle of day, or middle of night! We have a great private forum open to those in the premium virtual classroom. Here you can interact with your instructors and fellow students.

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Graphics For Bloggers

In writing a blog, your content is essential. However, presenting your posts in a way that is appealing will get people to spend time on your page and read the content. In this course, you will learn how to work with graphics in order to make your posts look better as well as edit the overall page appearance including background, banner, and signature. We will also make sure your profile pages are in top form also!

Video Essentials For Business

Who doesn't love video? YouTube stats tell us that it is a new favorite medium for those on the web. Is your business there? Can people get to know about your expertise or products via your video productions. There are a few hurdles to producing quality videos, but don't worry, this class is to get you there! Once you are, you will be leveraging this great marketing tool to your advantage.